Built-in filtration sink mixer solves
our customers' problems

This revolutionary product comprises a pull-out style kitchen tap with a water filter inside it, eliminating the need for a water filter separate from your kitchen tap. Our customers told us they wished they could get filtered water straight from the tap, and we responded by creating what is now the number one product in Japan, used continuously by 1.3 million people nationwide.

An easy way to have safe, delicious water
at your fingertips everyday

Chlorine is added to tap water as a necessary method of sterilisation. However, it breaks down the vitamins in fruit and vegetables, and can also have an unpleasant taste. Takagi's water filters remove chlorine and impurities from water but retain the minerals your body needs, transforming tap water into water that tastes better and is safer to consume. Don't settle for second best with any of the water you consume.

Q: How is filtered water different
from bottled water?

Actually, bottled water is almost exactly the same as tap water in terms of mineral content and hardness. Takagi's Built-in filtration sink mixer removes the chlorine from tap water but keeps the minerals, providing you with fresh, delicious water in your home every day.

Filtered water delivered
more comfortably and hygienically

Compact yet high performance and high flow

Takagi's unique filtration channel and automatic cleaning system work to filter a massive 4 litres of water every minute. The sterilising ceramic materials also keep bacteria out of the filter tap, ensuring the highest standard of cleanliness possible.

10 second cartridge change!

With Takagi's no-fuss cartridge replacement system, you can change your filter cartridge in the blink of an eye! Simply remove the head as shown, take out the old cartridge and insert a new one. It's a user-friendly, foolproof design.

Filter cartridges delivered to your doorstep
with our Regular Delivery Service.

Our customers told us they sometimes forget to change their filter cartridge, or lose track of when they last changed it. So we introduced our Regular Delivery Service, to ensure a new cartridge arrives at customers' homes at an interval of their choosing. Customers can opt out of the service or start it back up again.

Premium type

45$+GST (free delivery!)

Standard type

40$+GST (free delivery!)

Saving you time, space, and money!

The filtration system sits inside the tap, meaning it doesn't take up precious space in your kitchen. And the retractable hose allows you to extend the tap, filter and all, from the base so you can easily reach all corners of your sink. No more awkward splashes when rinsing dishes for the dishwasher or filling up the kettle.

User's voices

When you've got young kids, you want to give them the cleanest water possible. The Built-in filtration sink mixer doesn't take up any extra space in the kitchen, and replacing the cartridge is easy. There are so many taps on the market, but we feel happy we chose Takagi every day.


Everyone knows filtered water tastes better than normal tap water. But you can actually taste the difference when you use this filtered water in cooking as well. The Takagi Built-in filtration sink mixer has so many great features, and I love that we could take it with us and keep using it after we moved house.


I used to buy bottled water, which added so much extra weight to my weekly grocery shop. Now that we have the Takagi Built-in filtration sink mixer, I can cut bottled water off my shopping list. And I don't even need to remind myself to change the cartridge - I just wait for a replacement to arrive at my door. It's been such a great addition to my kitchen.


Interest in knowing more about product

Top 3 reasons to choose Takagi

Built-in tap
so it is compact

It is easy to use

Easy to change
cartridges or refills

Design of tap filter matching kitchen design

Users’Voice towards Takagi Built-in filtration sink mixer (in Australia)
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